Dear followers

No, I have not forgotten this blog but life really turned out different than I expected here, in a good way, though.

We found a place to live, the German, French and I. It’s not a great place and the French and I are actually looking for a new place, closer to city center. We wanna share together because we agree a lot with each other (And zee German is a strange one). But we have no internet here (I have unlimited on my phone, thanks 3, but only 4GB of hotspot, which the French has mostly used up.) But on Thursday they will come and install Internet.

I’ve been to an Ed Sheeran concert (pure magic) and have now booked tickets for Passenger (will probably be as magical) and my mom will come in November and visit!

Work is great, actually, I have tried taking a few calls and it went great, but I’m back in training now to learn more (Because I’m gonna be blended and not only focus on remotes) and it’s a new group (Another Swede in it, yay!) so more friends. Only problem is that when I get back home I’m dead tired (leave house at 7.30 and comes back around 6) and I don’t really have a desk to sit and draw at. I really hope the French guy and I will be able to find a place soon. I want to update the blog!

But at least you know I’m alive! (Or half alive. Slept on a small couch together with the French guy so have slept about 2-3 hours perhaps so I’m so fucking tired) I hope you all are well! Miss and love you, my sassy followers!

Update from Belfast

About a week ago I moved to Belfast, hence the low update, but it’s Saturday morning, I’m a big hungover, so I thought why not update you all on my current status?

Work is actually kind of great, though we’re still in training period. I like my colleagues who are training with me (two Germans, one French, on Luxembourg or whatever to say, one Spanish, one Norwegian, and then a Russian/Portuguese). We have fun together and are becoming great friends.

Still no place to live but the company extended our stay at the hotel to help us get more time. The French and a German are looking together with me, we’re gonna share is the idea. Fingers crossed we can find something.

Last night was a Culture Night here in Belfast and it was amazing. Had some weird moments and so on but all in all I can say that I will definitely attend next year if I’m still here! :D

I hope I can get a place to stay soon so I can start drawing again. Until then, stay sassy!

Belfast. That's in Ireland right? Or I am wrong. Anyways have fun on you're job!

Yeah, that’s in Northern Ireland. Thank you! I’m still a bit nervous by it all, since I need to find a place to stay and so on. If anyone has anyone renting out an apartment or know things like his, please tell me!

And then there is the whole thing where they told me to bring the right documents to show that I am eligible to work in UK and I should be with just being an EU citizen and all of a sudden I’m worried about that but I guess we’ll see what happens xD 

Jobhunt2014 is officially over. I’m moving to Belfast. SO LONG, SWEDEN!

He sure is, he sure is.

He sure is, he sure is.

Had nothing better to do when I noticed that I had been tagged to do this, so why not? xD

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1. What’s your name?

Call me M. Mrs. M. Or not, call me Idiot if you want to, I don’t mind! :D

2. When is your birthday?

11th of January! I’m an early birthday child! :D

3. Where are you from?

Sweden, I’m a viking! *Hiccup voice*

4. Have a crush?

Ezio, Arno, Shay, Haytham, Edward, Connor, Altaïr, Malik… I have a lot of crushes.

5. What’s your favorite color?


6. Write something in caps


7. Got a favorite band/artist?

Uhm, it changes a lot but right now it’s Elvis and Marianas Trench.

8. Favorite number?

Uhm… I DUNNO! D: 8 I think.

9. Favorite drink?

Don’t think I have one. I did drink this super awesome fruity drink when I was out with my friends one time, but I don’t know what that was, I think the bartender just mixed it for me. So I’m gonna say Fanta Exotic.

10. Tag Ten People: I’m gonna tag everyone who reads this.

If you get the job then allow me to welcome you to Northern Ireland. Bring a rain coat. :3

Thank you! :’D I will bring two rain coats and an umbrella. At least you don’t get several meters of snow, right? I’ll get away from that.

Well I promised an update when I got news about the job and I got some news.

I had to do an assessment to proceed and I just got a response that I passed it! And now I will have a phone interview on Thursday and then I guess I get to know if I get the job or not. And I’m pretty sick and tired of keeping it all a secret (I’m keeping it a secret from relatives and so, my family and my closest friends are the only one who knows so far) so I’m gonna tell you.

It’s a job as a Technical Support person and it’s in Belfast. Yep, if I get this job I’m going to move to Northern Ireland and that’s is all kinds of exciting, I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland and I’m so close now, I just have to ace this interview and then I’m pretty much set for a move.

I’m so nervous and excited. 

People are nicer on tumblr because we don't talk up people face to face. Like if I ran into you I would probably be exited in my head but would have the nerve to talk to you or to anyone. I'm personally shy

Yeah, that’s probably true.

But if you do see me in the real life then do come up and talk to me. I love meeting people and talk to them and I would probably just pull all these bad jokes on you. 

I’m currently in some kind of zone where I can’t do shit because I’m waiting news about a job. They’ll call me about it tomorrow and I’m a bit panicked because I want the job but at the same time I need to be realistic, there is probably people with a lot more experience than me that have applied for the job that will get it but still… This is the closest I’ve been to a job so far.

I’ll tell you more about it as soon as I know if I got it or not!